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Arabia Felix was established with a motive to realizing the full potential of civil services, maintenance & facility management for our customers. From embedding superior safety practices and building a true maintenance & facility management culture, to optimizing maintenance cost and improving plant performance, our people make the difference.


Maintenance is key to long term success

Maintenance is more than just a cost to production. It provides the foundation for a business’s performance and profitability, affecting everything from safety to plant productivity and energy efficiency.

All customers are concerned about rising maintenance costs and many need to improve safety performance. Some want to increase productivity or capacity to seize market opportunities.


Realizing potential across industries

Although we can work in any industry where maintenance is a significant cost, the industries our customers typically represent are described below.

We have deep industry specific know-how and expertise, we plan to change the role of maintenance from a cost burden to a value generator for our customers.

Our Team

A motivated, professional team We are maintenance professionals – experts at empowering our people to realize the full potential of maintenance for our customers. We take pride in managing and executing maintenance and believe that a motivated, empowered and skilled team of dedicated professionals is a force to be reckoned with.

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No matter where you are, when you work with us, you will meet competent, motivated maintenance professionals who are both passionate about your business and capable of solving your maintenance challenges.



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